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Know about FileShareGo features.

No Limits

No Limits

Unlike most sharing platforms on the Internet, FileShareGo was designed to offer its users a limitless experience. The bandwidth, the file size, the number of downloads, everything is unlimited.



All pages and file transfers are encrypted (download and upload). FileShareGo use TLS1.2+, SHA256 and RSA-4096 for encryption. We implement best practices in terms of data protection for our users.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Many features are available to manage your content. File manager, direct links, password, expiration date and many more coming soon.

Fast Speed

Fast Speed

FileShareGo uses high-end servers with very high bandwidth. We have our own network allowing us to offer an unlimited download experience.

No Registration Required

No Registration Required

Use FileShareGo immediately, no need to register. However, if you want to have a more efficient organization, you can log in with your email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FileShareGo is Always free. There is no Usage Limitations.

By using our service to send or receive your files you have a dedicated and secure global cloud infrastructure where files are stored and encrypted on disk (AES-XTS 256 bits) in datacenters on the American and Asian continents.

We neither sell nor share email addresses or personal data of our users with third parties. With due regard for the proper functioning of our service, we send an email to users that have made a recent or repeated transfer in the two following cases: unavailability of service or major changes in service (important updates, changes in terms of use, limits, etc.).

Your personal data is encrypted in transit using SSL/TLS (https) protocol, as well when at rest, according to the 256 bits advanced encryption norm, and each encryption key is itself encrypted through a set of main keys in regular turnover.

No, we do not consult the files that transit through our solution, unless abuse is reported - on a download link for example - and the said files are in contradiction with our terms of use.

You can use FileShareGo to send or download files without a user account.

If you want more features and higher service limits (such as 10GB per transfer, 100GB storage, full transfer manager to keep track of your transfers and full control over your data etc.) you can create a FileShareGo account.

FileShareGo does not permit the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

Rightful owners can report abuse via file page. FileShareGo will make the download link unavailable and remove the concerned file(s).

No, that's not possible. When a file is deleted, it is irreversible.

You can upload anything as long as it's legal.

All pages and file transfers are encrypted (download and upload). All servers use TLS1.2+, SHA256 and RSA-4096 for encryption.
You also have the option to make your files private so that only your account has access to them. You can also protect them with a password, or an expiration date.
If you want to encrypt your data before sending it to the FileShareGo servers, you can do so easily with Open Source software like 7Zip.

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